1. My New Personal Assistant: Chapter 1 - Have You Picked A PA Yet?

    4/24/2024: *Matt* . I was just about to throw a pen I was holding across the room out of sheer frustration when my phone started ringing. I looked there and sighed in relief. My angel! “Hello, sir. Have you picked a new PA yet?” her voice calmed me down, but she cou read Sex Story
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  2. January and June in Vail Ch. 02

    4/23/2024: A banker-daddy takes on a "son" This story is entirely fictional. All characters engaged in sexual activity are over 18. No AI was used in the production of this story. ©2024, All rights reserved. Brunosden (In chapter 01, Kelly, an investment banker, begins ski lessons with Carlos. Kelly is a divorced middle-aged man, bi-curious, but a little confused about how to proceed. He thinks maybe read Sex Story
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  3. Helpful Master Chief - Buddy Milk Pt. 01

    4/23/2024: Fred was coming into town. "Hey man, I got wind you're out there in Lemoore. Me and my team have to make a pit stop out there to train some folks in two weeks. Will you be around," he asked. Fred and I had 30 years of friendship, as the former enlisted turned commissioned officer, a supply type, and I worked together when we were both very junior, with him being a Maryland native and us just read Sex Story
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  4. Anatomy is Destiny

    4/19/2024: Jason was your classic office stud. He was a few years out of college, working in the suburbs as a client relationship manager at a car dealership. It was probably the best job he could have gotten with his below average skills. He had spent too much time in college going to frat parties, fucking sorority girls, and sleeping through class to really rise to the top. He was a sport and fitness read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Male, Author: bygregpine, Source: Literotica
  5. Summer Scholastics Chapter 4

    4/15/2024: "Hello, Matthew," came a deep and familiar voice from the phone. "I see I am not the only one who gets to ride you hard and put you up wet." “H-hello,” Matthew said to the cell phone in his trembling hand. “Unless you want me to paste those photos all ove read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Male, Author: LaetusBF, Source: LushStories

    4/14/2024: “Forty-years old, wonderful slim body. Look at the way she is posing with her hands over her her head with all that gorgeous bare flesh of her back on display. She knows how to pose, those two thin, low leather straps, around her naked back are intriguing. And that gorgeous tight ass in those obviously expensive, skin tight leather slacks, with a zipper along her ass crack is to die for. “Not read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Ass to mouth Bi-sexual Blowjob Consensual Sex Cuckold, Erotica Exhibitionism Female Domination, Female exhibitionist, Female/Female Gay Group Sex Lesbian Male / Females Oral Sex Threesome Author: CecilBCK, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Perseverance

    4/11/2024: "My, don't you look spiffy this evening? Going to the theater?" "Excuse me? Oh, I don't know exactly where we're going. Just wearing what I was told to wear. This is on someone else's nickel." Nineteen-year-old American Jordie Nelson, dressed in a tux, was sitting alone at a table on the rooftop bar of the Rendezvous Hotel Sidney the Rocks, overlooking the Circular Quay and Opera House on read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Male, Author: byKeithD, Source: Literotica
  8. Accommodating our New Canine Roommate, Part 3

    4/9/2024: Alone with Mac once again, I looked down at him while he looked up at me. The brown pitbull seemed unimpressed with my ruse, though I doubt he even knew I was sweating bullets at almost being caught red-handed with his cock in me. I got down on one knee next to him, face to face to talk with him. “Listen Mac, Carly can’t know about you and me, it’d break her heart,” I explained sincerely. “But read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Bestiality, Cheating Gay Author: balmymemories456, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Careful What You Wish For Pt. 03

    4/8/2024: (Sorry for the delay between entries. life got crazy and I also wanted this chapter to flesh out the world and other characters a bit so it required more planning) After I sent a text telling Daddy that I was free all day I waited eagerly for a reply. My mind was racing with the possibilities of what he would have me do this time. Training my throat the night before was terrifying and read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Male, Author: bySkelyBonz, Source: Literotica
  10. The Potter's Studio

    4/7/2024: The Potter's Studio Ch 1: Work the Clay Kyle Foster rubbed water and a bit of soap on his face, pushing the suds back through his hair only to step under the shower head and let the strong hot stream soak him again and wash it all away. He was clean, he did not need to linger in the large gang showers at the gym. But he lingered, pretending to wash his pits again, scrubbing more soap into his read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Male, Author: bydanXdemedici, Source: Literotica