1. Rachel's House Ch. 01

    4/24/2024: Chapter one The tip of my tongue was at the base of the pink dildo, and I traced the wet silicone past the midway point all the way to the round tip of the fake cock. I tasted my juices, the hint of the silicone material in the background, and the faint f read Sex Story
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  2. One Flight Delayed

    4/19/2024: I believed in my gut this trip was going to change my life. But as I climbed aboard my flight at LAX I had no idea how different everything would be. The trip hadn’t gone as planned. I was flying from LA to Nashville to play guitar on a major artist’s album (you know who she is). Instead, Southworst Airlines had experienced technical issues during the holidays, and my itinerary changed. Now I read Sex Story
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  3. In Service of the Queen Ch. 04

    4/17/2024: In Service of the Queen by Davina Lee An alternative future of women and their adventures * Author's Note Welcome, friend! As we concluded our last chapter, Adelaide had decided to spend a lazy afternoon napping with her girl crush, Tiara. Some days later, Adelaide is back in her apartment being awakened by her slightly hyperactive roommate, Vivienne. * * * Chapter 4: The read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: byWaxPhilosophic, Source: Literotica

    4/14/2024: “Forty-years old, wonderful slim body. Look at the way she is posing with her hands over her her head with all that gorgeous bare flesh of her back on display. She knows how to pose, those two thin, low leather straps, around her naked back are intriguing. And that gorgeous tight ass in those obviously expensive, skin tight leather slacks, with a zipper along her ass crack is to die for. “Not read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Ass to mouth Bi-sexual Blowjob Consensual Sex Cuckold, Erotica Exhibitionism Female Domination, Female exhibitionist, Female/Female Gay Group Sex Lesbian Male / Females Oral Sex Threesome Author: CecilBCK, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Vietnam: Arrival

    4/13/2024: “Welcome to Vietnam, Mrs. Smith. How was your flight?” The young woman behind the desk smiled serenely with her palms pressed together and bowed slightly as a sign of respect and greeting. Her long black hair was pulled back in a graceful ponytail kept in read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Author: 2koots, Source: LushStories
  6. Ice Cream Girl Part 2

    4/13/2024: Every day of the following week, I drove down Jackson Avenue to admire that billboard and dwell on that afternoon. I would then go back home and spread the photos I had taken all over the bed. Slowly fingering myself to orgasm. Should I call or email? You read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Author: Irishgurl1916, Source: LushStories
  7. We met at a coffee shop

    4/8/2024: After the third time that her and I just happened to find ourselves making eye contact across the room I turned to my friend and said, "Hey! See that woman over there? I am going ask her to go on a date with me." "What do you mean?" He asked, laughing at the abruptness of the statement. "She keeps looking over at me, smiling, and then looking away with confused micro-expressions on her face read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: byabcderotic, Source: Literotica

    4/5/2024: We are both business professionals, she forty, me two years older. Wonderful sex on our second date. “I love being licked and teased, love it, so good,” she told me on our third date as she stood with her back to the wall wearing heels, black stockings and a garter belt. I do like a woman who can articulate her sexual preferences without any embarrassment or inhibitions. It soon became apparent read Sex Story
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  9. Alisa & Katie PART 2

    4/4/2024: It was a few days after the camping trip, Katie wanted to have me over to swim. Her parents were out of town for the weekend. I went over Friday night, her house was beautiful, they had a big in-ground pool and hot tub. When I got there, Katie was wearing a short skirt and a short shirt that exposed some of her stomach. She looked real sexy and hot… I greeted her with a hug, and we talked about read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Consensual Sex Female solo, Lesbian Teen Female/Teen Female, Young Author: m88, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Just Keep Swinging

    4/3/2024: I was very lucky to have beta read the first two chapters of "Bouncing Back"Bouncing Back Ch. 01 - Lesbian Sex - Literotica.com a story by the amazing and prolific writer Emily Miller. She has as of this being uploaded so far only published chapter 1! As ever with me when reading another author's story, an idea for a twisted "Bazzle" alternative manifested itself. I will say from the outset read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Sex, Author: byBazzle, Source: Literotica