1. Semester - Week 1 - The massage

    5/25/2024: "It seems that the rest of my semester just became quite interesting.". I stared at the door that Adam had just closed and I thought about the conversation that I just had with Professor Yahaira. "She wants me as her plaything for the rest of the semester?", I thought. I could not decide if I was feeling better or worse after coming to this building. At least I was not expelled, but then again read Sex Story
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    5/24/2024: “A glamorous woman, maybe even a little older than me with a body that will excite me and turn me on, as well as excite you and turn you on. I want a really good FFM, especially after our MMF yesterday,” she told me when I asked her preferences. “I have just the lady for you, Joanne is a very attractive a retired blond model, tallish, good figure and brilliant legs. She is a Leo and loves to be read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Bi-sexual Blowjob Consensual Sex Erotica Exhibitionism Female exhibitionist, Female/Female Group Sex Hardcore Lesbian Male / Females Oral Sex Threesome Author: CecilBCK, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Privileges Revoked - Chapter 1

    5/21/2024: Tom was nervous as he approached the tall building downtown. Just as he had at every other step of this journey, he hesitated at the door. Was this really the place? Why would such a rich place want him? And for the millionth time, he considered his few alternative options. He took a deep breath, straightened his jacket, and entered. The lobby was very fancy, as he'd expected. One of the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Coercion Female Domination, Humiliation Job/Place-of-work Male/Female Reluctance Slavery, Transgendered, Transsexual, Author: ArielZark, Source: sexstories.com
  4. The Fowler and His Net - Chapter 1

    5/21/2024: The expected bang on the wall came at nine thirty and though Gary was definitely ready for it, he had to be careful. He left his TV on in the living room, turned off the kitchen lights and quietly opened the back door. He silently straddled the back fence and entered the adjoining semi-detached house. Tracey was there waiting for him. ‘Cor. Just what I need' she gushed as they kissed, as a pair of read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Authoritarian, Consensual Sex Hardcore Male/Female Pregnant, Spanking, Author: East Essex, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Veronica at the Swingers Resort

    5/20/2024: “Perhaps we could expand our sexual boundaries with some new partners? And set some goals before we arrive there? I want you to email me a list of your goals and I will do the same for you. No more than ten.” “I love the thought of us expanding our sexual boundaries with some new partners,” I told her. “How kinky would you like my list to be?,” I replied. “Even kinkier than mine.” I met read Sex Story
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  6. Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 108

    5/20/2024: Wayne had a meeting. His meeting was with Mea Jones who was the area controller for a large international organisation called the illuminati who among other activities specialised in mind controlling large numbers of people across the world. At the meeting Wayne requested that he was given mind control of a small number of women for his pleasure. Mea agreed with Wayne's request and agreed that read Sex Story
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    5/20/2024: My man John and I have a good sex life though before I met him I was used to one dimensional vanilla sex. Over time he introduced me to a range of sexual variations. I had never had my cunt licked to orgasm before I met him and the first time was a huge discovery of exciting new sexual pleasure for me. I loved the way he talked to me as he was licking and teasing my clitoris then my cunt lips read Sex Story
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  8. Scarlett Fucks her Famous Brother Ch. 05

    5/18/2024: John led his colleagues and Scarlett across the suite. More hugs and introductions were traded. He took her hand and ushered her to a cozy recliner by the fireplace that was positioned a little off-center. Pulling her onto his lap, he sat down and put his arms tightly around her waist. She could only shake her head at the arrogant masculine gesture in front of their friends. Avery and Aria read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Cum Swallowing Domination/submission Incest Male/Female Spanking, Author: alaiseq, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Forbidden Fruit

    5/18/2024: "Are you looking at the man or the woman?" Eileen glanced at her Mom, Abbey, and said, "They're both pretty nice." She looked back down the beach at the man sitting on a towel, with his hands behind him for support. His female companion lay on her back, the curves of her perfect body obvious to Eileen even from thirty yards away. Abbey smiled as she watched her daughter stare at the read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Female/Female First Time Incest Oral Sex Author: GSpot69, Source: sexstories.com

    5/17/2024: She was a sophisticated looking, thirty something, attractive blond Jewish lady from London with a lovely plummy English accent, holidaying and visiting local relatives by herself. Why was it he mused, that he was invariably attracted to women with an erotic background? He had lived in Surfers for only a short time and was foot loose and fancy free when they met in the bar. As she departed after read Sex Story
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