1. You are the entertainment

    5/5/2024: My wife Jill is a stunning Five foot eight red head. Long legs and ample natural breasts. We were discussing fantasy’s one night and she took me by surprise with something I had always thought about but never brought up thinking she would never go for . I kept my mouth shut but put the wheels in motion. For the next weekend. Joe is having a get together tonight and we are invited. So wear read Sex Story
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  2. Twin sissy suck bbc cock

    4/29/2024: Most of the time our parents are away from home due to their work leaving Me and my brother alone at home mostly. We are twins, Harry which is me and Garry. we both are  18+ teens. We share the same birth date, same behaviour, same skin colour which is white as a snow, same hair "blond" same body figure but mine ass is little bigger than his because i have put some effort to make it big".But read Sex Story
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  3. A surprise

    4/28/2024: Put on something sexy we are going out for dinner. You come out in a low cut short little back backless dress. Showing plenty of cleavage.Just long enough to cover the top of your patterned black stockings accenting your beautiful legs. Black stiletto heels . Your long flaxen hair cascading over your shoulders framing your gorgeous face. You look amazing baby. We get in the car I reached into read Sex Story
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  4. The forest continues

    4/23/2024: After catching some bass and filleting them wrapped them in foil with garlic and butter and placed them at the edge of the fire pit.cooked some Spanish rice to add to the meal and opened a bottle of wine. The sun was setting we enjoyed the rest of the wine snuggled next to the crackling fire the moon reflected in the pond. I joked that y now she was probably an internet sensation from the videos read Sex Story
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  5. The forest

    4/23/2024: We though are gear in the truck an headed for the forest. An hour drive . You are wearing only a tank top and shorts that reveal a bit of cheek. You look incredibly sexy. We get to the trail head and start the climb. It’s mid spring and the trail follows a stream with waterfalls emptying into pools of cool water. Rainbows in the mist of the falls. A three hour hike and we reach a clearing read Sex Story
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  6. My future now

    4/21/2024: So this happened to me last year and I thought I would share to see what others might think. I got out of school and my friends boyfriend was having a party at his house because his parents were gone. Now I’m not much for a party person I usually stay home alone most times, but my friend pressured me into going along. It was dark outside by the time we got there and once we went inside I already read Sex Story
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  7. Virgin to slut

    4/13/2024: Ashly , At 15 years old .Her red hair was just pasted her shoulders her breasts were jus the right size her nipple stuck out a proud health inch. She was what you would call skinny but slim standing five foot five with long shapely long legs. Being adventurous she decided to go for a hike. A warm summer’s day. She dresses in shorts and a tank top. And headed up the trail that followed a read Sex Story
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  8. What an experience

    4/6/2024: At 24 and lots of travel, I have had lots of sexual experiences. At the small hotel in Chiang Rai I was asked if I would like company overnight, said with a smile, and I said I would like that. Half an hour later there was a knock on the door which I answered and there was a quite young Thai lady and she came in. We chatted and drank some beer. After a while I was sitting on the side of the bed read Sex Story
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  9. Make up to submission 4 pimped

    3/19/2024: On our second cup of coffee, I remarked…. I have been shelling out quite a bit of funds on your accessories these days. I think it’s time you started contributing. This stuff ain’t cheep you know. I realize that but as you know I have little to no money. Yes I am aware of that. However you do have other assets. I recently was talking to a fella I know. His friend is getting married and is read Sex Story
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  10. Make up to submission, 3 the contract

    3/18/2024: I arrived home and handed her a bag. I got you something. What she found inside was a black leather color with chrome writing that read Slut. Four leather cuffs for wrists and ankles. There was also an envelope. A card she asked? Not hardly. It’s a contract you need to sign. Contact? What for? Something in writing that defines our relationship. This will protect me from rape or abuse read Sex Story
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