1. A Step Mother's Sin - Chapter 4: It Spins Further Out Of Control

    8/21/2015: I returned home around 6 p.m. to find Robert in the downstairs shower. His gym clothes were strewn in front of the bathroom door indicating he had just come from a workout. My normal routine would be to come home, change out of my work clothes and into my night clothes, and then prepare dinner, clean up, etc. As I listened to the shower running in the downstairs bathroom, my mind raced read Sex Story
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  2. My Aunt

    8/21/2015: My Aunt When I was young dumb full of cum (18) I went around my aunties house just to help out with some household work and other bits and bobs. As I went to her house she opened door wearing her night gown and by the look of her erect nipples I think that's all she was wearing. Her husband worked nights and was upstairs sl**ping that's one of the reasons she needed my help. She told me to wait in the living room while she "finished" something upstairs. So I sat downstairs and after a while started to hear faint moans and groans as I opened the living room door and walked halfway up th read Sex Story
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  3. The Castle

    8/20/2015: Chapter 1 Jackie Roberts was in high spirits… it was her daughter’s wedding day and everything had worked out perfectly thus far. The weather had been kind to them… and the service was beautiful. She looked out of the small bedroom window onto the small quadrangle of the mid twelfth century castle where the final photographs were being taken of her stunning daughter and equally striking new son-in-law. The small group of wedding guests was assembled in the grand hall on the other side of the stone fortress, sipping drinks waiting for the seemingly endless photographs to be taken and the read Sex Story
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  4. Erotic Education #1: Erica-3

    8/20/2015: Erica meets me in our local park where we walk and chat about erotic education I offer her a lesson in love in practise, in a secluded part of the water-park I offer her a first ever orgasm from licking love lips after her golden shower Erica eagerly follows me to my place for more privacy for next lessons in love I teach the teen to play for pleasure her love lips so she can come without me Erica likes my love lessons, especially how she can climb up from first heaven Erica likes most how to pleasure me, as my sperm shower excites her very much I am an elder gentlemen, I know I read Sex Story
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  5. Just good friends

    8/20/2015: I had a pretty perfect life, I had never been the unfaithful kind. I had been in the same relationship for years. I love my partner very much, but I started to develop feelings, actually I guess you would call it lusting, a longing for another man. I always believed nothing was wrong with looking at other men, you just can't touch. But his was me than just looking, this felt different, every time I saw him my stomach lunged with excitement, and I felt my pussy tingling. But he had made me forget my perfect life, he made me forget who I was and made me forget all my principles! Just th read Sex Story
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  6. Playing House with Suzy

    8/20/2015: Suzy and I have been bathing together for years. we have finally got to the point where she will let me "clean" her pussy and she will take care of my needs. She is much younger than me, but, she feels these sexual pleasures and enjoys stroking my cock and sucking my dick. She even lets me cum in her mouth. It started out as a game when she realized that there was a lot of pleasure to be had from taking care of each other. Typically nowadays it is a very sensual time. We very much look forward to our baths together. Until, one day we got busted. It happened one bath day when Suzy was doing her read Sex Story
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  7. Anal Piss Enema Sex with my wife

    8/19/2015: This occured 11/22/14, Saturday night, real story, no embelishment. We had this special night planned, my wife owed me one, and this is what I chose. She always likes me to talk about it before hand, and that started first thing in the morning while we were still in bed. I put my hand under the covers and slipped my fingers past the elastic band of her shiney blue panties (see them in this album -http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/3624287/upskirt_milf_panties_plumper_pawg_flashing.html) My fingers slide right between her big fleshy cheeks straignt to her asshole. I poked my finger ab read Sex Story
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    8/19/2015: It was less than ten minutes after we drove away together from our rented wedding reception hall that my almost 23 year older than me and brand new bride Bobbie shocked me with the following. "I've known all along about your Secret Little Queer Thursday afternoon Suck visits to the Gay Costal Cruising Park in Portsmouth honey." " In fact except for your nice f****y business position and Daddies future inheritence, its the main reason why I decided to marry you!" So sitting and driving in mostly stunned silence during our two hour drive to our reserved plush Catskills honeymoon resort read Sex Story
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  9. A Death Brings New Life (MF, cons, rom, inlaws)

    8/19/2015: It was losing his mother that started the trouble for Joseph. They'd had a normal relationship, at least compared to other mothers and sons he had seen. She was affectionate, and he'd loved her, but he hadn't really had fantasies about her. At least, he convinced himself that he hadn't. But after she died, he grieved for her more than he expected to. Marla, his wife, displayed her usual selfish attitude, acting as if his pain was a personal attack. They're already strained relationship became even more strained. A month after the funeral came Thanksgiving. They went to Marla's parent read Sex Story
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  10. Holy Dance Surprise

    8/18/2015: "Tony Morgan is a dick-head" This statement sat just below the toilet roll holder in one of the cubicles in the ladies toilets, matched two other similar sentiments elsewhere in the school and entirely agreed with my own views on the subject. Tony is my elder b*****r Greg's best friend, although the adjective and Tony did not sit well together in my mind, almost from the moment that Tony arrived at our school at the age of sixteen when his f****y moved into the area. Physically they were both similar, around 6 ft tall, well-built and glowing with health from sport, a fact that was not read Sex Story
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