1. Kanani in the Pool

    Date: 6/5/2024, Categories: Mature Author: byJerryDancer, Source: Literotica

    It wasn't right what I did. I still feel guilty about it 30 years later. How could I have been such an asshole? I need to write the story down just to get it out of my head so I can fucking sleep at night. Here you go.
    The Carlsons were a Godsend to me. They lived a couple of houses up the street. Samantha was almost literally the girl next door. Her twin brother, Jacob, was one of my best friends. To be honest, he was just about my only friend.
    My homelife was pretty fucked up. I'm not going to bore you with the details. The last time I told my story, I was at one of those group therapy thingees. The truth is, it wasn'tthat bad. My parents didn't hit me or anything like that. It's not what you're thinking—I fucking guarantee that.
    Okay. Let me give you an inkling since you're so fucking curious. Here's a little tease of my homelife: if you asked me, I couldn't tell you whether or not my parents were actually married or not. They had been married at one time—that was for sure. But were they married when I was in high school? No idea. I think they got divorced somewhere in the time between when I was thirteen and eighteen. But it didn't matter because they still lived together. They still slept in the same bed. But their actual, honest-to-God, legal relationship? No fucking clue. Further, affiant sayeth not.
    During high school, I spent a lot of time in my room and a lot of time over at Jake's. I didn't need to study much; I've never needed to study much. I can't ...
    ... remember a time when I wasn't about the smartest kid in my class. So what? It turns out that you can be really smart and still have a miserable, lonely, life.
    Now I'm going to tell you about Jake and his family—the family that became my surrogate family for most of high school. The Carlsons.
    Jake's dad was a VP at IBM when it was not a great time to be a VP at IBM because Microsoft was kicking their fucking ass and eating their lunch in the nascent tech marketplace. IBM was fast becoming a joke and everybody knew it. Jake's dad—whose name was John—was a tall, heavy, guy quickly going bald. He drove a Corvette and he had a badass stereo system in the living room. He was a large man, a former college football player twenty-five or so years before. He was pale, though I couldn't tell you if his skin color came from being in the office all the time or because he was born and raised in the Midwest. He had a nice house with a nice pool; he had a sportscar; he had a beautiful wife and two children. He was fucking living the American dream—and I think he knew it. But like many Americans in the 80's, his dream was on borrowed time. It wasn't going to last much longer.
    Samantha—Jake's twin sister—was A Problem for me. Most every guy in high school wanted her, but she wasn't doing much of the dating thing. I couldn't tell you why. It was—and still is—a fucking mystery why somebody like her didn't have a serious boyfriend. I would have been her boyfriend but we weren't even close ...