1. Sissy and Michelle Part 3 - Realisation

    5/19/2024: Sissy and Michelle Part 3 - Realisation Next day, around 7am Sissy hunted me down at the beach where I was fishing. She could not keep her hands off me. She had her hands down my shorts rubbing my cock and pashing me hard. She said “squeeze my fucking nipples stud!” I was worried her sister might see me and said “Sissy I don’t want to upset you, but Michelle is the one I want for my read Sex Story
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  2. Forbidden Fruit

    5/18/2024: "Are you looking at the man or the woman?" Eileen glanced at her Mom, Abbey, and said, "They're both pretty nice." She looked back down the beach at the man sitting on a towel, with his hands behind him for support. His female companion lay on her back, the curves of her perfect body obvious to Eileen even from thirty yards away. Abbey smiled as she watched her daughter stare at the read Sex Story
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    5/17/2024: She was a sophisticated looking, thirty something, attractive blond Jewish lady from London with a lovely plummy English accent, holidaying and visiting local relatives by herself. Why was it he mused, that he was invariably attracted to women with an erotic background? He had lived in Surfers for only a short time and was foot loose and fancy free when they met in the bar. As she departed after read Sex Story
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  4. Meeting Lisa E Part 1

    5/17/2024: Meeting Lisa E I met argumentative Lisa online on a dating site. She had bad teeth, bad attitude and a lazy dress sense. We chatted for a week or two, and I found her annoying as she had a strong negative attitude about everything and mostly everyone. Because of that I stopped initiating contact, and I had begun to answer her less and less quickly when she chatted to me online. She complained read Sex Story
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  5. A weekend trip to our friends

    5/17/2024: Trip to our friends for a long weekend A few years ago my wife (Rose) and I went across the state to see some friends for a long weekend,(Rick and Lorie) we hadn't seen for a few months. We were good friends hung out together quite often and we always had drinks. Lorie always flirted when she was drinking and I liked the attention. I think Rose was always a little intimidated by Lories big read Sex Story
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  6. Mind controlled Janice Pt. 125

    5/16/2024: My name is Matt, I am a widower from Somerset and have a distinctive West Country accent. An ex professional gardener, I retired from professional gardening last year at the age of 62. The first major step after retirement was to move North to Yorkshire, Leeds to be exact so that I was living near my daughter. I had spent my whole life gardening so my next step was to rent an allotment plot, read Sex Story
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    5/15/2024: “I am naked sitting on a chair in front of a wall length mirror. I am so horny, you know how horny you make me.” “Oh, so exciting for me.” “I have been thinking about you all day, And your naked body. And how much I need to fuck you. And how I am going to do it next time. And where and when. “I want you to tell me you are naked for me. Yes, I will wait a moment for you to undress for me read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Ass to mouth Consensual Sex Cosplay, Erotica Exhibitionism Male Domination, Male/Female Masturbation Mature Author: CecilBCK, Source: sexstories.com

    5/15/2024: At two-thirty on Sunday Alice arrived, dressed very demurely, and just as Veronica had told me looking like a librarian, with unattractive reading glasses, though just as she said, she might have a good body. “The thought of us helping you find another man has great appeal for us. Relax and stop behaving like a librarian. Be frank with us and tell us about your past sex life and what you would read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Ass to mouth Bi-sexual Blowjob Consensual Sex Cuckold, Cum Swallowing Erotica Exhibitionism Female exhibitionist, Female/Female Hardcore Male / Females Masturbation Oral Sex Threesome Written by women Author: CecilBCK, Source: sexstories.com
  9. History of a free Use wife

    5/14/2024: Going back to the beginning. I was a 15F, and a virgin. I was dating my boyfriend Tommy 17M and we were taking it slow due to my nervousness about getting pregnant as I did not want to ever have kids and the fact that I had very strict parents that would keep tabs on me at all times. I am 5’7” tall, and at this time I was 95 pounds, nothing but legs, just tall and lanky. My BF was 5’11 and thin read Sex Story
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    5/13/2024: Vanessa was naked, licking my nipples with a hand on my erection, when she asked me, “Would you like to explore and create some erotic combinations, with me, really erotic? Erotica, something far more exciting than just fucking? Where can we commence? Another woman to share? Another man to share? Two woman? Two men? One of each? Two twenty-year old girls? Two twenty-year old boys? “You do read Sex Story
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