1. Jeanette chapter 4

    9/14/2015: I got ready for school that morning and wore my 'fuck me MrC' clothes. My favorite red bra, no panties, a pleated tan skirt and a white blouse that my red bra showed through a little. I called Cynthia and begged her and her mom to give me a ride to school today. I ran out to their car when they came. I saw Tommy just leaving his house as we passed, his dad was watching from a window. Probably read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Blackmail, Blowjob Cheating Coercion Male / Female Teens, Oral Sex School Teen Male/Teen Female Threesome Author: Krejik, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Unwanted attention - Chapter 6

    9/13/2015: Chapter 6 Monday came, and with it the terror of my next session. The appointment was at 3 pm and I didn’t know what to do. All night I twisted and turned in bed thinking about what will happen. Will it be like last time, will he take advantage of me again? Hopefully he had enough last week and will leave me alone. As the hour approached I started to get ready… I looked in my closet and decided to read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary, Authoritarian, Blackmail, Blowjob Coercion Cum Swallowing Humiliation Male/Teen Female Reluctance Teen Written by women Young Author: young_Jasmine, Source: sexstories.com
  3. The Mistake

    9/13/2015: The Mistake. November was such a dark month. The street lights flickered into life illuminating the rapidly darkening city center. The early evening traffic was queuing bumper to bumper now; the ironically named "Rush Hour" had started; frustrated drivers jostling with equally frustrated pedestrians as they tried to get away from the crush of the town center. Angela's taxi edged slowly through the read Sex Story
    Categories: Dark Fantasy BDSM Blackmail, Blowjob Coercion Cruelty Domination/submission Humiliation Reluctance Torture, Author: MarkMastermann, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Genie in the lamp

    9/13/2015: Genie in the lamp I was out walking on the beach last night, just minding my own business when I saw something shining on the beach near the water. I walked up to it, grabbed the handle and pulled it from the sand. It was an old lamp. I brushed off some sand and there was a loud cracking sound, a lot of smoke and then silence. When the smoke cleared, I was in a large room with tables of food, lots read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Alien, Blowjob Coercion Domination/submission Mind Control, Older Male / Female, Author: toddh1970, Source: sexstories.com

    9/7/2015: ….I’m Sam. When I was a teen I overheard my dad and uncle talking on the back patio one night. My bedroom window was open and they didn’t realize it was right behind them. They both had plenty of beers and they were talking about some prick teaser girl. Dad: “I love prick teasers girls, it’s such a challenge to take them up on their flirting and teasing and watch them back down when I pin them read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Boy, Cheating Coercion Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Breeder Rape Future

    9/4/2015: “Jenny, you’re home late!” My mom exclaimed when I came through the front door. I dropped my backpack and shrugged. “I got raped on the way home. It was just one guy but he took a while.” “Sounds like a Monday! I saved you a plate for dinner.” “Thanks, mom.” I could still feel my rapist’s cum inside me. He had grabbed me on the bus and dragged me off. I would have had to go with him anyway, but read Sex Story
    Categories: Dark Fantasy Anal Authoritarian, BDSM Blowjob Bondage and restriction Coercion Cruelty Discipline, Domination/submission Enema, Extreme, Fisting, Humiliation Job/Place-of-work Lactation, Males / Female, Non-consensual sex Pregnant, Rape Reluctance Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women Author: Jenny Slut, Source: sexstories.com

    9/3/2015: ___My mind drifted back to when Wendy and I first met. * This wife dreams about what she wanted to happen between her new girlfriend, her and a guy. The new girlfriend was a farm girl, who now lives next door, still with her parents. Very naïve, no experience, home schooled, no contact with guys or girls, she had never seen porn, but after one video Jan showed her, now she wants to try things. Jan read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Coercion Female / Girl, First Time Incest Author: blueheatt, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Mom's Frat Party

    8/31/2015: My daughter and I have always been best of friends; even through high school we were able to share with each other all our experiences and concerns. When she left for her freshman year at college 150 miles away I felt a hole in my life with her absents. About six weeks after she started school I decided to visit her for a long weekend. I ask my husband if he wanted to go with me, but he declined read Sex Story
    Categories: Dark Fantasy Anal Cheating Coercion First Time Male / Older Female, School Author: mrhotdick, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Hunting the hunters Ch1

    8/24/2015: In any other situation, the position of Dale would have been a dream: laying on the bed, a beautiful raven haired girl straddled on him, completely naked... It is not, generally, a position to complain about. Except in this case the girl was in fact the infamous vampiress Mary Reddington, colloquially referred as Bloody Mary, or Mary the Flayer, and Dale was tied to bed, all his equipment read Sex Story
    Categories: Dark Fantasy BDSM Coercion Cruelty Humiliation Rape Torture, Violence Virginity Author: PoliTopSecret, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

    8/15/2015: The whitewashed walls and brick-layed streets of Sandava gleaned bright in the sun, unlike surrounding cultures such as Mandalva, Trocust and Chalda. Those people managed decent lives but not with the oppulence of Sandava. Shadi was the eldest son of a Sandavan High Judge and if he studied well and kept his nose clean, he was the likely successor to his father's high position. He had done well read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Anal Coercion Domination/submission Female Domination, Humiliation Male / Female Teens, Reluctance Teen Young Author: bryanll, Source: sexstories.com