1. The Beach House - Thunderstorms

    Date: 6/15/2024, Categories: Mature Author: Lijomast, Source: LushStories

    A wise friend always tells me that the only thing constant is change. Like it or not, everything changes - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes change is quick and powerful, and sometimes it happens so slowly, you can barely see it happen. I knew that by answering the phone, my life would change, I just didn’t know how.
    My husband’s distinctive ringtone told me it was him on the phone. With the time difference between us being four hours, we had agreed for him to call every morning when he got up at 6:00, which would be 10:00 for me. The fact that he was calling at night meant something had happened, and couldn’t wait until morning.
    I froze in my tracks, trying to decide what to do. I looked at Bill, who was standing there gloriously naked, expecting to go upstairs for a pleasurable time. I gave his erection a playful tug, and asked him to give me a few minutes to take the call. He nodded and gave my ass a little slap as I made my way over to the kitchen counter to answer my phone.
    I cleared my voice and answered, “Hi, Dave. What’s up?”
    “You’ll never believe what happened!” he exclaimed. “Richard Clements had a heart attack today. He’s expected to recover, but will be out for at least six months. I’ve been named interim Vice President in his place until he returns!”
    “Oh, poor Richard - I hope he makes a full recovery. And I guess I should offer congratulations to you!” I replied, excited for him, but then the reality sank in. “Isn’t ...
    ... Richard a West Coast VP?”
    “Umm, yeah,” Dave answered. “I’ll be staying out here. You and the kids could move out here and…”
    “Dave, you know they won’t want to leave their friends and school. And I can’t leave my job and everything I’ve worked so hard for. I’m just a few months away from finally getting my tenure at the university.”
    “I know,” he said. “We’ll figure something out.” There was something funny about his breathing and his voice…
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bill heading quietly for the door. I motioned for him to stay, my eyes pleading with him as I mouthed the words “Please stay”. He nodded and made his way over to stand behind me, gently rubbing and massaging my tense neck and shoulders. Thunder was rolling in the distance - a storm was brewing.
    “What about Amanda?” I queried. “Will she be staying with you?”
    Amanda had been his assistant since Mrs. Clark retired at the end of December. Mrs. Clark had been a no-nonsense force in the office who knew how to get things done. I think everyone in the office, including Dave, had been afraid of her! Her bland business suits and tightly pulled-back hair, not to mention her knowledge and work ethic, were a stark comparison to Amanda’s.
    The first day Human Resources assigned her to Dave, I knew they would end up in bed. She arrived in her short pink skirt and tight white blouse, with hot pink high heels. She looked like a Barbie doll with her long, bleached blonde hair, pancake makeup, fake eyelashes, ...