1. High Rise Exhibitionist Chapter Four Part 2

    Date: 5/29/2024, Categories: Mature Author: JdRobbins, Source: LushStories

    Kay’s delicate fingertips hooked the elastic waistband of my underwear, and slowly, unmercifully, she began peeling the cotton fabric from my body. As she moved them down, she slowly and lightly kissed the length of my spine until her lips reached the top of my ass crack. My underwear joined the puddle of fabric at my feet, and Kay crouched behind me.
    My erect, pulsing cock stood at attention from my loins, testicles pulled tightly up inside my scrotum, ready to pump every drop of sperm-filled semen along the throbbing shaft.
    But my incredible, mature lover had other ideas.
    From behind and below me, Kay whispered, "Stand still now.”
    Her fingernails, those unimaginable shards of erotic pleasure, began a methodical ascent along first the back of my calves and then slowly through the tiny sensitive spot directly behind my knee.
    I stood perfectly still but began moaning as she moved up again to raise a million goosebumps on my thighs. Up to my ass cheeks, her miraculous nails ascended, only to descend again slowly. The muscles in my legs quivered and spasm under her fantastic touch. Those ten digits of pleasure next circled my thighs to slide up, giving me unimaginable ecstasy as they traveled up toward my loins. Once up, I groaned. Once down, I moaned. A second time, her incredible caresses made the ascent along my tingling flesh until she reached the confluence of my legs, coming mercifully to rest on either side of my pulsing erection.
    "Gawd, you are ...
    ... driving me insane,” I exclaimed.
    This incredibly passionate woman had nearly brought me to climax without ever touching my naked cock.
    I again resisted the urge to move, wanting to let Kay control the tempo of our foreplay. I felt her stand behind me and then slowly move around to finally come face to face with me and my throbbing manhood. My eyes had long before become accustomed to the dark confines of her bedroom. Still, rather than take in the room's beauty, I was captured by the beauty of the woman whose features were so perfectly lighted by the sensual glow of her cheeks and the sparkling of her incredible blue-gray eyes.
    She smiled and flashed brilliant white teeth at me, adding to the incredible sexuality she possessed.
    Her eyes spoke volumes to me of her passion; her lips, those shimmering, full, sexy lips screamed to be kissed. Her skin glowing with a craving to be caressed. She stood silently before me, allowing me time to memorize her loveliness, providing me time to burn the image of her sensuality forever into my brain.
    "Kay, I,” Her fingertip quickly touched my lips, cutting me off in mid-sentence.
    "Watch me. Don't take your eyes off me for a second, but remain standing here until I say so,” Kay said.
    “I'll try,” I said.
    She smiled again and took a step back. Her smile never diminished as she slowly walked backward toward the bed. My eyes remained fixed on her as she backed against the side of her bed, her long, sexy black satin-covered legs ...