1. Another cocktail party

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    “And you watching me. I can still recall the first time you organized a young boy to tongue fuck me. You made me ask your permission just to tease me. You wanted it to happen just as much as I did. Your cock was like an iron bar as you slid it between my lips in a fucking motion while you watched the boy tongue fucking me while you ogled his erection.”
    We are both in our forties, bisexual and rampant exhibitionists. Sarah, is of French descent, in her mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. Her body is still good, both sexes love her legs and ass and the way I trim her pubic hair - the look Helmut Newton’s models prefer. Or was it his preference? Good hips, flat stomach, and modest tits with long hard nipples when aroused.
    She has a high sex drive, very high. She loves reminding me. “I am to please and be pleased sexually, I love being licked and teased by both sexes,” She lost all her inhibitions between her second and third husbands and she loves having sex with an audience. And she really does enjoy some racy commentary during sex, an extra dimension.
    She has a tacit agreement with me that she can pleasure and be pleasured sexually by another man around once a month. We set some basic rules a while back, no intercourse, outer sex only - safe sex, ‘you can watch and masturbate’ she told me. If the second man wants to blow ...
    ... me, she loves to watch. Occasionally we have another woman instead of a man to pleasure us both, same rules apply.
    We quickly moved beyond those rules and now have a third or fourth person on an irregular basis: Sunday afternoon is our preferred time, what better way to spend an afternoon?
    That nights party was being held in a downtown. five-star hotel. Excellent catering with drinks and canapés offered by good looking, toned topless boys in their early twenties carrying trays. Sarah was in her element as she ogled two of the blond boys, almost androgynous clones of each other, and ran a hand over their bare chests, a sure way of ensuring their attention as they kept returning to her.
    “Love your toned six-pack bodies and your tight leather slacks. Are you naked underneath your slacks?”
    “Naked apart from our thongs and jock straps,” one of the boys replied with a huge smile, enjoying the banter. “And you, are you naked underneath your skirt?”
    “Almost,” she flirted back as the boy surreptitiously ran a hand over her magnificent ass.
    At nine-thirty there was an announcement. “There will be two adult entertainments in the Purple Room, commencing in a few minutes for those who who would like to watch.” We joined most of the other guests in The Purple Room.
    The first entertainment was two taller than average blond women in their thirties, both dressed in heels and sexy black bras and thongs to showcase their very good bodies. They were very comfortable with each ...