1. The Taylor Family Ch. 04

    Date: 5/20/2024, Categories: Incest/Taboo, Author: byStoreyRaita, Source: Literotica

    Warning: This story contains depictions of taboo subjects including incestuous sexual acts involving many members of the same family that some people may find offensive. If you are offended by such things, please do not read. This is a story of fiction and is meant for adult (+18) sexual entertainment and enjoyment only. I do not condone, encourage nor approve of such sexual acts. The scenes depicted in this story are entirely fantasy, all characters are +18 and do not relate to any people or events in real life.
    Writer's note: I would advise reading Ch 1, 2 & 3 of The Taylor family before reading this chapter.
    Chapter 4
    Mark gazed up at his naked Sister-in-law. His mind swirled with possibilities, and he couldn't deny to himself that secretly he had long lusted after her. The previous summer, during a pool party at the house he recalled that Julie had worn a very skimpy bikini that left very little to the imagination. Unlike his own wife Wendy, Julie always seemed to enjoy showing off her sexy body and it was much to Mark's liking. He would never have dreamt of doing anything about it of course, he loved his own wife Wendy far too much.
    That was until this weekend, when absolutely everything was turned on its head and all the 'rules' went out the door. Initially, Mark had not been at all happy once he had found out that it had all been a set up. He'd been forced to fuck his own daughter, or so he had thought. To now discover that it was just a ruse still filled ...
    ... him with guilt and shame. But as the day had progressed, and as his own lust and desire had continued to consume him -- he had eventually concluded that he was going to hell in a handcart anyway, so he figured he might as well get hung for a sheep, as a lamb.
    "Oh. fuck Julie. You've no idea how long I've wanted to lick those tits." Groaned Mark, sticking his tongue out and slowly lolling the tip over her nipple.
    His other hand of course, flicked the safety pin on Julie's other nipple and it made her groan with pleasure.
    "Ha. Don't think I haven't noticed you perving over my tits, Mark. You should have said something sooner." She giggled, jiggling her tits in Mark's face.
    "Not just your fucking tits, Julie. Always fucking wondered about that pussy of yours. Wendy keeps hers shaved but I always wondered about yours. Tried to sneak a peek of it whenever you were in your bikini -- to see if I could see any wisps of hair sticking out." He laughed.
    Julie shivered in anticipation. She had known all this of course, and she had seen Mark watching her on more than one occasion. Several times she had tried to give him a really good look -- perhaps in the back of her mind hoping it would lead to something.
    "Why don't you have a really good look, Mark and maybe give it a good tongue lashing." she moaned.
    Mark did not need telling twice, as he detached his mouth then floated his wet tongue down between her tits, along her stomach and down toward her cunt. Julie moaned ...