1. A New Day # 2

    Date: 4/21/2024, Categories: Fantasy Blowjob Humiliation Incest Author: intoincest, Source: sexstories.com

    I shake my head to clear my thoughts. "Must be another dream!" I say before pinching myself hard. I yelp in pain rubbing my leg. "Hmm okay not a dream" I mumble. Looking at my cock again I can't help but shudder at the glistening wetness that still coats it. "What the fuck" I sigh yet again before standing up and grabbing the pair of underwear I kicked off in the night.
    Still thinking of Sara's mouth on my cock I make my way towards the bathroom. My cock throbs with uncontrollable lust as I picture Sara's pussy hovering in front of my face. I stop just outside the bathroom door as I realize something. Sara's pussy looked exactly like it did in my dream! Shaking my head in disbelief I open the bathroom door and am hit with a wall of steam. Taking a step in I stop and stand there with my mouth wide open as I see a large fleshy ass with a hint of pussy lips peaking out under amazingly thick cheeks.
    "Get a good look creep?" I finch and look up seeing Kara looking back at me over her shoulder. She smirks and looks down at my cock. "Hmm did seeing my ass make your little cock all stiff?" She straightens up and turns towards me and I gasp. My eyes lock onto the two words on display above her mound, CUM SLUT. The step she takes towards me draws my eyes to her large E cups and dangling hoops emphasizing her nipples. "Like what you see perv?" She smirks running her hand up her body before lightly tugging a hoop. My cock jumps and she licks her lips. "I'll take that as a yes." ...
    ... She takes a step towards me and I step back bumping the door closed. "Hmm where are you going perv?" She steps closer to me her hard nipple lightly touching my chest. I shiver from the sensation of her hard nubs and the warm silver dangling below them. "Trying to sneak away to tug your little cock while you think of me?" She shivers and bites her lip. "Hmm such a naughty little perv." She leans in resting her large mounds firmly on my chest. "Since it's your birthday how about I help you out."
    I gulp and shudder. "Uh um what?" I stammer.
    Kara smirks and shakes her head. "Oh wow I didn't think you were that dense." She looks me in the eye. "I'm going to help you out with you little problem birthday boy. Now stand there and let your big sis suck your little cock." I shiver at the hungry look in her eyes and nod. She smiles and slowly kneels Infront of me. The feel of her large breasts running down my body makes my heart pound. As her large mounds run over my throbbing cock a moan escapes. "You like that perv?" She smirks up at me before rubbing her tits against my cock again.
    I gasp and nod "fuck yes."
    Kara laughs and presses her tits harder against my underwear clad cock. "I wanna hear you say what you like."
    I shudder at the feel of her soft globes pressed hard against me. Her hard nubs digging into my hips. "Your tits!" I blurt out. "I love your tits pressed against my cock!" I yell breathlessly.
    Kara smirks up at me licking her lips. "Hmm such a naughty boy ...