1. Grandma's Religion Pt. 2

    Date: 4/20/2024, Categories: Fiction Cum Swallowing Incest Mature Author: KodiakJack, Source: sexstories.com

    Divine Rewards
    When I woke Sunday morning, the house smelled of incense. There was strange droning music playing and when I walked into the living room grandma was on her knees, her hands rested palms up on her thighs. She was wearing her kimono and had her eyes closed in meditation. As I often do, I used it as a chance to stare at her massive, hanging tits hidden in the thin robe. I looked at her thick, soft thighs. I felt my cock stir with memories of her mouth sucking the cum out of me last night.
    A creaking flor board told her I was there and she opened her eyes slowly. Grandma spoke slowly and calmly, "Today is an important moment for us. I am going to complete a ceremony of service. After which, I will be devoted to you as my life bearer. I will be yours fully, yours to command, and without question or restriction will place myself in your hands and in your keep. I will bind myself to you."
    She stood up and bowed to me. "I have prepared a spot in the backyard for the ceremony, please come with me."
    I followed her from my living room to my kitchen. The smell of incense was stronger. She opened the back door, and guided me out back. The grass was covered in leaves. She led me down the steps into a clearing. There was a makeshift alter made of sticks in the center. On it was a small copper pot.
    There was a circle of rocks around the alter, and then a large pile of leaves in the center of the circle.
    In the middle of the pile of leaves, a small torch was ...
    ... lit. I couldn't believe the change in her. She was a new woman. She walked with a strangely confident and powerful gait. Her shoulders were back and she stood tall.
    She turned to me and asked, "Would you pleases disrobe, dear, and step into the circle I have made for you."
    I did what she asked. My face was red from embarrassment. I had never liked being naked. I felt vulnerable. Suddenly she seemed so powerful.
    "Turn yourself to the north. Place your hands palm up on top of your head."
    I did as she asked, as she tied a blindfold around my eyes. I heard her moving bout me, smelt burning herbs and sage, heard the chiming of small bells. I warm metal cup was placed on my lips as she instructed me in a calm voice, "Take a big mouthful of this and hold it under your tongue until we have finished, do not swallow any of this."
    I took a long sip and held the bitter and oily substance under my tongue, holding it all in my mouth. Then I felt her hands on my hips, they slid down as she knelt before me. I felt her slowly press her face into my limp cock and balls. She kissed and licked me all over as I grew hard. She repeated phrases over and over like a mantra as she lightly practically nursed on my balls, kissing and sucking them gently, worshipping each of them with her mouth.
    "I take this man into my service of love. I will guide him to the higher and greater good. To live is to serve. To live is to give. To live is to bear. The gift of life. To taste it is to know ...