1. Bad Mom II

    Date: 4/20/2024, Categories: Fiction Blowjob Cum Swallowing Group Sex Incest Older Female / Males, Voyeurism Author: NKL13, Source: sexstories.com

    I did not do much the rest of the day as I waited for my son to let me know when he was free for dinner. Eventually, Bryce texted me.
    “Hey Mom, I’m ready. All that cumming earlier made me starving.”
    “Ok, I’ll be there soon, do you know where you want to go?”
    “Yeah Mom, can my roomies join?”
    “Sure, I had a feeling they would want to come along. Alright, I be there in a few.”
    I decided to wear a white T-shirt, no bra as I figured my horny boys would enjoy this sight. I knew my nipples would be putting on a show and if the light hit my DD’s just right they would get teased by the outline of my areola. I stopped outside the dorm, suspecting they wanted me to come up to the room. After waiting for about 10 minutes, they came out and got in the car. All four of them checked me out, the lust was oozing out of their pores.
    I heard from the backseat, ‘Nice to see those huge tits again, oh and you too slut Alison.’ I glanced up into the review mirror to see all of them snickering away. My son sat in the front with me and looked over at my tits. “Damn Mom, your nipples look very suckable through that t-shirt”.
    “Hmmm, I may remember that if you play your cards right at dinner.” We drove off to the place they all agreed upon. It was a decent place for a college town. We sat at a booth away from everyone else. The four of them argued over who would get to sit across from me to stare at my breasts. I did have a sweat jacket I wore into the place but took it off once we ...
    ... sat down, I did not want to deprive them of a nice tit tease.
    As we ate, one of my son's roommates asks if I was this slutty when Bryce was at home. He said no, he had no idea I had such lusty desires. I interrupted him.
    “I always had these desires to be a bad, slut mom but you and your friends never noticed or had the balls to do anything.” I looked at my son as I heard, ‘Oh shit, what did you do?”
    I looked around to check to make sure nobody was sitting too close to us. I leaned in a bit, making sure my tits were on the table.
    “As I said earlier, I always wanted to be the hot mom, the milf for all of Bryce’s friends and him. All the other moms were super thin, rich, etc, but I was the one with huge, real tits and I always noticed the attention they received. I had thoughts of walking in on my son jerking off. I would think about how I would help him, would I stroke him or give him head? I always had a wild fantasy about finding one of his friends jerking off to me, maybe using a pair of my panties or bra.
    “Damn, Mom! None of us had any idea.”
    I turned to my son, “Oh I know, and all of you did not pick up on all my hints.”
    “If you stopped interrupting me I would tell you. I think you boys were a bit dense. Why do you think I would come out to the pool wearing that bikini top? I knew all of you were gawking at my tits, and I could see all of your rock-hard cocks. I had such a wild fantasy, all of you standing around me, pulling out your cocks, ...