1. Alone with Lynne , Claire with Bill a night of fun ch11

    Date: 4/18/2024, Categories: Fiction Blowjob Consensual Sex Cum Swallowing Group Sex Males / Females, Oral Sex Author: bob144333, Source: sexstories.com

    Claire has always liked cocks and her brothers liked her
    I was like a brother to Claire growing up ,but only recently started having sex with her .We were now living together,and her time sucking her brother's cocks has dwindled.I myself don’t mind if she has sex with them but they had told her that they needed to move on. She was rather sad when they said they needed to find a girl of their own.
    Since her brothers were the only guys she has had sex with she had fond memories and had learned alot from them.Claire tells me things they had done when they were younger and to tell you the truth I like hearing it. I wish I would have joined them in their sexual adventures throughout her younger years, but I didn't.
    At that time I didn’t know what she was doing with them and when I did find out I left her exploring on my own. I met Dedra but that didn’t work out and eventually Claire brought me back into her life.Not only having sex with her and her brothers ,she knew that she would have to find other guys,and let them move on.
    Now we are moving on looking for other people to have sex with and the internet is helping us.Just two weeks ago we contacted an older couple ,Lynne and Bill ,and had good sex with them.They are twenty years older than us and we hope to learn a lot more from them .
    Claire and I have been having sex regularly since moving in together,it is fun. We are again going to have another meeting with Lynne and Bill, and are looking forward to it. This ...
    ... time instead of being all together we plan on Claire being alone with Bill and I with Lynne.
    We both decided that we needed to work on our ability to last longer so we started to practice stopping when we got close.Instead of cumming three times a day ,I was cumming once.Claire would stop when I told her I was close.We would talk for a bit and then I would finger and suck on her pussy until she was close. We both hope that it will help us last longer and when that day comes we will enjoy it.
    Lynne and Bill were coming to our home this evening and we were both quite anxious to have sex with them again. Claire bought some new lingerie and braided her long hair and shaved both of our cubic hair. She looked so hot,and as the time grew closer it was hard to keep our hands off one another.
    It was nice to see Lynne and Bill when they arrived and had a nice supper with them. Lynne looked quite beautiful for her age,and she personally made it easier to talk to her.Claire and Bill looked quite happy as they talked and giggled with each other.The girls and I had wine while Bill drank beer until Claire got up from the table and took Bill’s hand.
    Lynne watched as Claire led Bill down the hall to a bedroom,”I guess she is eager to get things started”she said taking a hold of my hand.She then gave me a kiss,”I prefer to take my time”she said,”we do have all night”.
    It wasn’t a kiss like Claire would give me, but more like a kiss that hinted that she wanted to get to know me ...