1. First Time to Remember

    4/19/2017: Steven sat at the bar watching the mirror mounted on the wall behind it as questions roared through his mind. Would he recognize her? What would she think of him and what he'd done with his life? Would she actually go through with what they had planned? What about his father? Would it matter to him that they wanted to be together or would he go off in one of his tirades and... and what? What could he do? They were both adults and had been attracted to each other since the first day he had brought her home. Slowly he drifted back to that time in his life. He had been 13 when it all began. H read Sex Story…
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  2. My Dark Secrets, with my b*****r & Uncle

    4/19/2017: Little girls are not all nice. The sugar and spice nursery rhyme, can cloak a darker side to the feminine trait when it comes to sex. The desire to procreate is stronger in women than men, and regardless of how God made us, we all share that urge to have sex, even when our minds and hearts say, 'No', our bodies go off in a tangent to fuck a stranger, because the, 'Out of sight our of mind', mentality kicks-in, why do you think most women finish up in hotels and motels, in bars in another town, and having a night out with the girls, in another part of the country. Now we have cleared that read Sex Story…
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  3. Case #8: It's Barbie's Fault

    4/18/2017: Case #8: It's Barbie's Fault This was the first "Reverse Seduction" case we had discussed in our Group Therapy Sessions. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the topic, all names and locations have been changed. "Please,Daddy?" "Um, I don't think that's such a good idea,Sweetie." "Please,Daddy? I promised my Barbie that You Would!" "Sweetie, we're not supposed to do those kind of things." "Why not? Please? Don't You love Me?" "Ah,for Fuck's sake!" I said, and quickly clapped a hand over my mouth. I Never swore in front of my daughter. "Hee hee hee,Daddy. You said 'Fuck'! But You d read Sex Story…
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  4. Games That Grown-ups – Part 3

    4/18/2017: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Games That Grown-ups – Part 3 "Happy Anniversary," said Joyce. "Mmmnnn, one week today," said Dawn as she stretched and opened her eyes. She rolled over on the bed so she was half lying on her Mom. One of her hands moved to her Mom's nearest tit to squeeze the sexy mound, the other slid over the MILF's mons, stroking the smooth flesh. The teen's lips went down lightly onto her Mom's, the kiss tender, but sensual, "Happy Anniversary." Joyce giggled as her daughter's hands slid down, but she also knew Friday was a school day, "Later... when you g read Sex Story…
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  5. Loving My Stepfather

    4/18/2017: My name is Lucy and I'm nineteen and my boyfriend is twenty one. We'd been dating since high school and I really believed he was the one I would marry. But, he went to college and met some sorority girl that was wild and crazy, and he wanted to be with her. I was just devastated. I started to lose a lot of weight. I'm not a very big person to begin with. I lost about ten pounds. I'm now read Sex Story…
    Categories: Taboo, Author: Mysteria27, Rating: 45, Source: LushStories
  6. Sex Doll Hot Afro American Tiffany

    Sex Doll Hot Afro American Tiffany
  7. Party Wife Donna

    4/18/2017: Donna and I have been married for 4 years, a second marriage for both of us. (She is 34 and I am 32) Donna might be classified as a willowy redhead, if it wasn't for the size of her breasts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall with long tapered legs. But her breasts are her crowning glory at 34DD. Her ample breasts are nicely upturned yet soft and pliable. Donna turned me on from the moment I saw her. Unlike a lot of husbands I love to see my wife showoff her charms to other men. At first she was too shy to wear the type of sexy clothes that I liked, but after a lot of pleading with her during our sex read Sex Story…
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  8. perving on mummy / mom Mum,

    4/18/2017: Had a dream, Last night….That I w¬¬as 8yo again......Mum's taking my friend and I, to the beach....4 a swim…..Mum takes us boys in the lady’s shower, along with my little s****r.....mum pulled my pants down......and I noticed ladies....whispering, soon they were all pointing I look down, and I have a stiffy......One lady says, he watched his OWN mother, undress....I saw him staring at ur breasts, when u weren't looking. Mum knelt in front of me, towel around her....and said 'is this true, Dylan....Did u look at my private.....it that why u have an erection.....? all the ladies were giving me n read Sex Story…
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  9. Pizza Manager and his New Twink

    4/18/2017: I manage a local Pizza Place right next to a large state university. I’m fifty years old, but I have a body builder’s body that attracts a lot of men and women. I enjoy being bi- sexual. I also like my sex a little rough, sometimes really rough. Some girls and guys like being a little dominated, some don’t, surprisingly I found that almost all gay twinks love it. Every semester a new group of students apply for jobs at my place. I always find a few twinks in the crowd, I can spot them a mile away, their thin bodies, small asses and feminine mannerisms are a dead giveaway. Of course they are hi read Sex Story…
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  10. Educating my daughter, part 4

    4/17/2017: Educating my Daughter part 4 By this time, hopefully, you will have read the first 3 parts of this story. I hope you enjoyed those and I would welcome any feedback. Tell me if they made you horny. I get horny as hell writing them and I love to hear about how my writings make people cum. In my previous stories, I wrote how I taught my daughter how to masturbate and how I masturbate and how we shared sessions with each other. At that time, my daughter Natty, was 13. She is now 15 and in the intervening couple of years, we regularly have mutual masturbation sessions but we have always stoppe read Sex Story…
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  11. Getting to know relatives better!

    4/17/2017: It’s nice to secretly watch someone doing the naughty things, and imagine you are watching your mother in law masturbating and then get fucked in the toilet… Last Saturday night my wife and I went over to my mother in law. We went out before night fall, a bit early, so nobody was home from work yet. It was a big mansion of 2 stories, with a wooden fence around and a green grass plot on the back yard and the front side of the building. We were both tired and hungry after the road, so we had to use their restroom. My wife took the guests’ bath upstairs whereas I went to use the hall bath. Sit read Sex Story…
    Categories: Mature, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: princessamyov, Rating: 100, Source: xHamster