1. Find A Way

    4/28/2017: Eyes upon eyes. Lips upon lips. Arms intertwine. I'm tangled in you. My heart skips a beat. You feel it. You take me in your arms, and all is well. I'm afraid. You take the fear away. You make me feel wanted. Needed. You hold me. You touch me. You search me. I'm ready. You're ready. We are curious to know where it will lead. Now we have a need. A need to be together. A read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: prettygirl36, Rating: 8, Source: LushStories
  2. Hints

    4/28/2017: You are in everything around me, the spaces between remind me of you because that blink and unseen shape of time is just a crack in a doorway to the worlds within that we rarely see. I can feel the hints of a loving presence always surrounding, cradling the stars and sun. And when each star eventually falls and burns out, I'll see your face in the shooting trails of light left read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: elliotlacey31, Rating: 6, Source: LushStories
  3. She Wants Me To Ravish Her

    4/28/2017: “Hey tall dark and handsome,” I see her hazel eyes flare wide. My rugged visage seems to inspire, Carnal needs she cannot hide. The trim young brunette beauty, Flicks ands twists her hair - a flirt. But her eyes tell another story, She wants to rip open my shirt. The lass pretends non-interest, looks away, Fluffs her frock, acts all coy and tres-demure. But in her sensual voice read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: flytoomuch, Rating: 7, Source: LushStories
  4. Earthquake

    4/26/2017: Every once in a while The earth trembles, The terrifying forces of nature Bring destruction in their path. Sometimes a person gets shaken To the very core, Life as they know it Threatening to fall to pieces. She knows she can trust her love. He will always try To protect, to keep her safe, Yet some things are out of his control. The dark clouds Chasing away her sunshine, read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: Nordic_Pixie, Rating: 6, Source: LushStories
  5. What I Would Do To Be With You

    4/25/2017: I would swim rough choppy waters Facing danger and fighting against the waves as I Brave the waters and swim around the sharks. Even if my body wanted to give out I'd still keep going. My endpoint always leading to you. You are my light and my universe, my heart and soul. I would scale the highest mountain Gasping for breath with my heart hammering Scaling the deep crevasses as my legs turn read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: daddysweetheart, Rating: 17, Source: LushStories
  6. Sex Doll Mature Lady Cynthia

    Sex Doll Mature Lady Cynthia
  7. Memory Lane

    4/23/2017: This cold night air Reminds me of our first kiss. The moment you held me close, And our lips met. How sweet it was, I'll never forget. It was the door opener To all of happiness, If only for just a while. The bright night sky, With the full moon glowing, Reminds me of merry times When you held me close, Arms draped over my shoulders, As we sat on that quilt read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: sillyjenny, Rating: 20, Source: LushStories
  8. Adoration Sent

    4/21/2017: Passion created upon a keyboard, Edited, amended, honed to perfection, Patient construction dripping with sex, Oozing lust, declaring desire. Craving your words I wait, burning, Enslaved by promises, yearning for more, Emotions ignited by voiceless whispers, Body consumed with smouldering need. The distance between us has no meaning, Continents, time-zones, kilometres, miles, read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: Welshdreamer42, Rating: 13, Source: LushStories
  9. My true love

    4/20/2017: In life, we love, We love parents We love family Our friends, And someone special... You are special You’re my true love The one Above all others, My reason to live... I live To be with you To look at you To touch you, You’re all that I need... My love’s for you Now and forever, Each waking Moment I am yours... My heart beats For you, my love; My read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: JWren, Rating: 12, Source: LushStories
  10. Window Pane

    4/17/2017: In utterance my quill scribes, Deepening dark romance And footsteps meandering On cold stones of my fame. Chilling the ink within my well Of swallows without voices And yellowing of my tomes, Sensuality betaking my soul. Night the halos sighed Bequeathing me your splendor, Whispering translation of your love, Smiles returning my way. Then you cast off to greener lays, read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: adagio_sabadicus, Rating: 7, Source: LushStories
  11. Sign On The Line

    4/16/2017: I need you to sign this contract, Before I commit to love you, Because I know from second hand news, That it isn't what you do. You play around with feelings, Betray none of yours to me, You want me to believe that I'm "The One", But you admit to others, you'd rather be free. I am not the first you have come to "love", And I sure as hell won't be the last, So why do I put read Sex Story…
    Categories: Love Poems, Author: StillUndecided, Rating: 8, Source: LushStories