1. My daughter Claire and I

    8/10/2015: When my daughter, Claire, was 12 years old, my wife left us for another lover. I was very upset but Claire was totally distraught. That first night, without her mother, I tried to put her to bed in her own bed but she cried so hard that I ended up taking her into my bed. When Claire had been 3 or 4 she had discovered that my wife and I always slept naked, and from then on Claire always insisted on read Sex Story…
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  2. The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist

    8/10/2015: I was enjoying a lovely walk along the main road through the state park. It was hot, but not too hot. I’d been very busy recently and had not had any time to get outside and enjoy any hiking or anything. I had my binoculars and was having a good time watching the birds and spotting the occasional bit of other wildlife. There were a lot of other people out enjoying the day, too, some in cars, driving slowly on the park road, but others like me who were doing their sightseeing on foot. There were also quite a few folks on bicycles. As I was stopped at the side of the road, trying to get a read Sex Story…
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