1. Extra's at work 3 - So it continues

    4/21/2017: Trying my best to not be seen by any other staff i made my way to Brian's room instead of spending my morning break in the staff room . we hadn't met since the previous week and our texting between then had got stronger and stronger to the point that as i walked to his room i knew the rules we had both observed in our playing we were both about to break . in my head once i knew we were going to go further i guess i always knew we would at some stage . my stomach was in knots and i was relieved when he let me into the room that i hadn't been spotted , for the first time since we started play read Sex Story…
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  2. One for the Books.......On the Job Training

    4/21/2017: It was yet another day at the bookstore, my life was actually going pretty well, my new Camaro was lookin sharp, I had just had the windows tinted and bought some hot looking new rims, all was going well.....or so it seemed. I entered work and the girls were all giggling and jabbering excitedly....I stopped Lisa , “ Whats all the commotion? Whats up?” “ Nick hired some new guy, starts tomorrow” “ What are you talking about , there arent any positions open?” “ Well I guess he made one, hes over there” I stood there stunned, this guy?? Across the store he stood , talking to two o read Sex Story…
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  3. The Rivalry

    4/21/2017: My name is Chris and my twin s****r’s name is Kris too. When we were born, the doctor said we nearly didn't make it out because we both tried to come out first. In fact we nearly came out together, and in the confusion of the delivery room the doctor lost track of which one of us came out first, so rather than getting it wrong, we were documented as being born at exactly the same time, 11:59 pm. Our parents decided that since we looked alike, we should have the same name, but spelled out as exact opposites, but in reality we were fairly similar. We are both smart, athletic, driven to succee read Sex Story…
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  4. Gary

    4/20/2017: - It was a rainy Saturday morning, and i woke up horny. Supposed to be meeting - Sylvia my mature (55yrs) horny milf from Airdrie in the afternoon. I'd got up early and had a nice shave in the bath - arse, cumsacs and pube hairs off ! I slipped into sheer nude lacetop holdup stockings and cream lace panties for fun and was sitting at my compuer at 9am on sat morning. On chat avenue there was - on the gay chat this young lad - (I was 36 at the time). A gay boy from Linwood near Glasgow. Inviting me for gay sex with him. His name was Gary - 21 or 22 i don't remember. He was ok on the phone read Sex Story…
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  5. Rebecca meets Jim

    4/20/2017: We first met Jim on the Internet. We agreed to meet him in a lounge at a local Holiday Inn. Jim was a handsome young man in his early thirties. We ate in the dining room and enjoyed a nice dinner with some wine. We started some small talk about R and I enjoying “recreational sex” and the swinging lifestyle. Jim kept looking at Rebecca and touching her hand at times. I could feel the “electricity” between them. Then I noticed that Rebecca’s hand was below the table and was moving back and forth in a funny manner. She was watching me watching her…. Then she dropped a fork read Sex Story…
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  6. Sex Doll Mature Lady Cynthia

    Sex Doll Mature Lady Cynthia
  7. Am I A Cuckold? You Decide

    4/19/2017: Absolute TRUE STORYHe pushed my tight little asian GF over the end of the bed. He glanced back at me and flashed a cocky smirk before smacking her hard one time on the ass. She dutifully raised up on her toes and perked her round ass up in the air. He slowly slid his hefty cock into her pussy inch by excruciating inch. All I could do was listen as his dick seemingly pushed a puff of air out of her lungs. She began to moan as he started to, first slowly, and then more f***efully fuck her from behind. I had butterflies and was awash in conflicting feelings of extreme lust and je read Sex Story…
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  8. cam2

    4/19/2017: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You both like sexy. You: omgg You: i though i lost u Stranger: same her Stranger: what did i miss? You: nothing im still very hard lol You: u have skype, if thats cool Stranger: i don't Stranger: i have kik though You: lol i think now might be the best time ever to get kik Stranger: lol Stranger: u dont have one? You: nooo Stranger: i'll give u my username if u're planning to get one? You: i dooo You: like tonighttt You: ilove to see u again Stranger: lol kk Stranger: same Stranger: mine is mzalessia You: very cool Stran read Sex Story…
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  9. Carin getting caught

    4/19/2017: For all of you that were wondering what happened to me, I had life take a turn for what I thought was the worst. Turns out now, long after my fear has subsided, it was more fun than I would have ever expected. Dawn and I were enjoying our monthly massage parlour adventures, dressing up as ordered, and putting on a show for the men that watched or got a free view of everything behind the masks we still got to wear. I loved the special feeling of a man looking at me with lust in his eyes as I'm brought to an orgasm before him. So I often found myself naked on a table before a man getting servic read Sex Story…
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  10. Do me a favor

    4/19/2017: "Hi, Mrs. Collins, I said as she opened the back door, almost hiding behind it, her long blonde hair tumbling freely. Cindy home?" She smiled and shook her head, moving out a bit so I could see her bare shoulder. "She went to the mall with a couple of girls. Probably have lunch out there. You got a minute?" "Sure," I said and she opened the door wide and I stepped in. She closed it and smiled at me. My cock jerked to life. Cindy's mother was something. She looked like a mature Barbie doll with her jutting boobs and her long legs and huge mop of blonde curls. She was read Sex Story…
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  11. Uni day

    4/19/2017: I was in my final year, I remembered I was at the cooler having a sip when a girl walked passed and smile at me. I smiled back and wondered who was she, her face rang a bell in my mind but I could not quite place a name to her. I watched her sat at the bench table near the cooler, studying. I decided to approach her as I just ended class and had nothing to do. As I walked nearer, I recalled her. She was the girl in my statistics class in year 1, named Jane(fake). I went up and asked her how she was doing and what modules she was currently taking. Found out she was taking 2 mods that I was ta read Sex Story…
    Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: Labouroflove, Rating: 100, Source: xHamster