1. An Early Start .

    Date: 11/20/2017, Categories: Dark Fantasy, Male / Females, Oral Sex, Written by women, Young, Author: lekkerrust12, Rating: 81.5, Source: sexstories.com

    love it." Mom slipped under the sheet and my cock was soon in her mouth. I got a early morning blow job another first. This was a school day and when I got to school I managed to talk to Mrs. Ponds. I told her that my mother and I wanted her to come to dinner that evening. She quickly accepted and rushed off to her next class. I called Mom from school and told her what I had done and she said that was fine and I was to tell Mrs. Ponds to be here at seven. The first thing Mrs. Ponds said was for us to call her Lilly. I don't know why but when we went to sit in the den I took Lilly in my arms and kissed her full on the mouth. She responded and kissed me back. Mom said "Lilly I take it you like my son. I know he told you that I watched you two through the window the other night. I must say you're very sexy." Lilly said "I do enjoy Donny. This may seem strange to you but when I was married my husband and I did some swinging and I always enjoyed it. I even knew a couple that enjoyed there children. I never saw any thing wrong with that if they were happy about it. I take it you're fine with it. I think the three of us can have a few laughs and have some fun along the way. Don't you agree?" Mom said "Very much so." * Edna I hope you enjoyed this one... Just remember you're the teacher not me... LOL