1. My unrequited Love

    Date: 11/19/2017, Categories: Love Poems, Author: AltKnight, Rating: 8, Source: LushStories

    I watch you from across the room, your every word I do consume. Your smile makes my cheeks softly bloom. My unrequited love. I long to touch your flowing hair, you look so fine, beyond compare. Of my lost heart, you're unaware. My unrequited love. You hold yourself with grace and style, with perfect teeth and perfect smile. I long to hold you for a while. My unrequited love. My heart leaps when I look at you. What is this mortal man to do? Oh what would happen if you knew. My unrequited love. My love for you will never end. This broken heart will never mend, for you are married to my friend. My unrequited love.