1. Time: Chapters 1-2 (Revised)

    Date: 11/19/2017, Categories: Dark Fantasy, Author: OzOlvera, Rating: 84.2, Source: sexstories.com

    believe she's feeling sorry. She just tried to kill me. We've been in school together since as long as I can remember. When she starts to open her eyes I slap the gun as hard as I can out of her hands. Her eyes open wide in surprise and she begins to speak through tear filled eyes. 18. "Oz.." I cut her off by grabbing her waist with my free arm and pulling her close into a deep kiss. My side is flaring with pain as well as my head. I think I've lost too much blood because my vision begins to fade. I break our kiss. I feel her lips linger on mine. I hear her say one last time, "Ozzy." The room goes dark.