1. Twin Japanese Nieces Pt25

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    responded as she dropped her arms to her sides and turned to look at me. Great! (Another note of sarcasm) She had already been dealt a blow that I could not even touch; now I had to apply some kind of punitive measure? I thought for a moment before I spoke up. “Shiori,” I said from my position next to Kayko. She only turned her head to the side a little but still did not look up at me. “You’re grounded for the rest of the summer. You will do whatever task your aunt gives you until you start school this fall. If she says clean the dishes, then you’re the dishwasher. If she tells you to do the laundry, you do it. You will sleep in here for the rest of the summer. No sex with Mark or anyone else while you are grounded. That means no kissing, no touching, or anything else. You will not communicate with Eric in any fashion either. No going down to the fort or seeing him in the yard. No contact with him at all; that includes the internet. Do you understand me?” Tears started to trickle down her cheeks as she slowly nodded her head yes. “Just consider yourself lucky,” I said as I gave Kayko a quick glance before I turned and headed out of the room. As soon as I had the door closed I could hear Kayko lite into Shiori in Japanese. I will tell you guys this although I would not admit it to anyone else at the time, I felt sorry for Shiori. It was my fault that she wound up in this situation. I had ‘given’ her to Mark, and trusted ...
    that he would act accordingly. My blind trust of my son had brought this all about. Granted she did have a hand in the fiasco, but she was still in this situation because of a decision I had made. Now she was suffering the repercussions of a chain of bad decisions. As I walked down the stairs I looked out the patio windows to see Mark pushing the lawn mower around in the back yard. Another victim of a bad decision. I went and got myself a good stiff drink and headed for my office. This would be a wound that would take quite a while to heal. So far my 4th of July holiday sucked, and I mean BIG TIME! Two of the four kids in the house were grounded with a ton of restrictions placed on them. The disaster that had resulted from poor decisions by me had almost torn a section of the family apart and put us in some real legal jeopardy. Kayko had…demoted Shiori (for lack of a better term) to someone who held the status of a house servant. And it was all because of me. ‘Congratulations Mike,’ I said to myself as I picked up the full glass of scotch I poured and headed across the living room for my office. The king of the house had fucked up in such a huge fashion that there was no comparison. I took a huge swig from my glass, causing myself to cough a little and my eyes to water. For someone who thought he had things well in hand, events sure proved otherwise. As it was at that moment, I felt like crawling under a rock. End Part 25