1. Mrs Williams

    Date: 11/16/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Female / Girl, Female/Female, Incest, Job/Place-of-work, Lesbian, School, Young, Author: TimberWolf137, Rating: 90.9, Source: sexstories.com

    up my inner thighs and my body shook as she gently exhaled on my wet pussy. 'Aunty you are a very naughty woman to get so wet..'. both hands where near my pussy now and I felt a forefinger and thumb gently pinch the top of both my hot, swollen, wet labia and squeeze as they went the length of each lips, gently massaging them I could feel my pussy leak down to my ass where I could feel my juices pool up. But that was nothing compared to the soon to burst dam between the lips she was so gently teasing. I closed my eye's and began to kneed my breasts through blouse and silk bra as I felt Jen's perfect little wet tongue flick across my arse hole. My legs quivered to shut as she became more aggressive with her tongue soon pressing against to tight entrance and gaining a little entry. I was lost to sex and I felt for my nipples and teased them both, pinching them and pulling them out towards the ceiling to give that bit of sensual pain, which in my experience was a grey area with pleasure. Jen's fingers stopped teasing so much and I felt a finger probe my ass hole while the other hand was parting the lips for her tongue to break the seal on my own cum filled pussy. I felt my juices gush across her tongue and into her mouth while her finger was gently thrusting in and out of my tight ass. She literally drank from my pussy as she fingered my ass hole roughly, I felt my walls tighten as I was close to coming ...
    but before I was pushed over the edge she stopped, Her finger left my ass and left it a little a gape as I twitched it shut, after being so used to a finger in there. Her tongue left my pussy as well and I looked down a her between my legs with her devilish grin. She licked her finger and lips 'You don’t get to cum for being so bad..' She was very sexy but I need to come. 'Pl-please!' I rasped, still twisting and pulling my nipples. I yelped as she had quickly laid a playful slap on my pussy 'Well seeming how you asked so nicely..' I felt two of her finger drag from my clit to my ass hole, teasing all three sweet spots, after a few rounds I felt her fingers penetrate me and her tongue flick my clit. I was being built up to orgasm again. When my pussy was dripping along her fingers I felt her remove them and begin playing with my ass again. I grunted with a little pain and tighten up ass she forcefully pushed them both in but I could take the little pain for the mass of pleasure her mouth was giving me. It was coming. She gently pinched my clit between her teeth and then the onslaught came. Her tongue flicked madly over my clit as she fingered my ass roughly. I tried to stifle most moans and screams but soon I was over the edge, all my holes contracted and I spasmed closing my legs on Jen's head but she didn’t stop for a long time and I knew she would have her way with me for the rest of the evening.