1. Court Record Chapter Eight

    Date: 11/15/2017, Categories: True Story, Male / Female Teens, Written by women, Young, Author: Barbiebnympho, Rating: 90.9, Source: sexstories.com

    Kimberly and Carla Marie had gathered. “What happened? Where did they go? Everyone was standing in amazement. Finally, Robert, who was Kenny’s group, said he better go out and straighten things out. He had moved only a couple steps when Clem and Kenny reappeared walking in together. They came straight to the group. Kenny came to Sarah, offered his apology, and walked through the remainder of his group toward the exit. Clem, who had stayed back a bit, then walked over to Sarah and simply took her hand and turned to face her. The house lights blinked notification of the second half. The excitement was over. Silently, they made their way through the crowd and down the aisle. The rest of the concert was fine. Works by Bach dominated the second half. Sarah sat quietly, once again holding Clem’s hand in both of hers. Not a word between them only glances and touches. The return to Brighton Inn started smoothly. The group of students had gathered at the head of the isle. There was none of the earlier jubilation. Sarah held snuggly to Clem’s hand as she bid them goodbye. Ten minutes later they were walking together down the path toward Brighton Inn. At Center Lake, Sarah stepped over to the handrail and brought Scotty to her in an embrace, “I love you Scotty. Do you want to tell me what happened outside with Kenny? Scotty looked over, “Sure Sarah I’ll ...
    tell you. You are going to have problems like this all your life. You are a very attractive, wonderful lady and Kenny has a very big ego. I had to deal with his ego, this was all about him. I gave him a moment to quiet down and sober up a little as I held his string hand tightly. I then acknowledged that I understood his pain. I commended his musical ability, his work ethic and his outstanding performance ability as I had witnessed yesterday. I then told him, I know little about human nature, but I know for sure he would do nothing but embarrass himself the way he was treating a very wonderful woman who had told me more than once he was one of her closest friends.” “I noticed tears in his eyes and that was the end of my effort.” Sarah took both his hands and back away, “Scotty you are an amazing man. You understood him so quickly. His big ego is his big shortcoming. With him everything was all about him. I was just a trophy. He wanted to conquer me just as he worked to conquer the violin; and I was certain, once conquered, I would be nothing more than a trophy for all to applaud.” Scotty looked at her with empathy, “Remember, it is an enormous ego that enables a performer like him to succeed. His job is to keep that big ego properly focused and in check at times.” They walked on down the path, through the campus, to the Brighton Inn. Evening