1. Hole in the Wall

    Date: 11/11/2017, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen Male/Teen Female, Voyeurism, Author: Shiine-chan, Rating: 93.4, Source: sexstories.com

    of how snug her sister’s pussy was. Her body seemed softer and more welcoming than the few other girls from school he’d been with. It seemed to be just the right size for him. Justin’s pace unconsciously matched the pace of her parents in the other room. As he thrust in and out, his fingers found her clit and started rubbing it, while his other hand held her steady across her tits. He knew that he wasn’t going to last long in this position, and from the moans that Emily and her parents were making, everyone else was close to their own release. Mom was the first – she thrust her head back against the pillows and arched her back towards Dad’s thrusting cock. Her hands were grabbing at Dad’s back, pulling him tighter to her as her pelvis quivered against his. Dad then let out a moan and pushed hard against Mom. They could only imagine the jets of sperm that were now filling Mom’s pussy. This sight was enough for Emily as she started gasping in her own orgasm. He could feel her pussy clutch his cock as she collapsed forward against the wall. This was all of the encouragement that Justin needed to make one last thrust deep into her and pulse after pulse of his semen filled her young pussy. After a moment, they all caught their breath. They looked through the peephole again, relieved that their parents didn’t hear any of the noises they made. Emily could feel the cum dripping out of her pussy as she looked back at Justin wondering if what they had just done was a good idea. At least she was on the pill (to make her periods more regular) so she didn’t have to worry about that. Justin also looked at Emily wondering what she would think now that the moment has passed. “Want to watch again some other night?” he ventured. Emily thought a moment and then smiled back at him. “As long as nobody is watching us.”