1. Glaciers

    Date: 11/10/2017, Categories: Love Poems, Author: elliotlacey31, Rating: 7, Source: LushStories

    I have to learn how to let go, unwilling to fade away with you, if this is how we'll scream, pull the air from my lungs. I'd rather just be left alone in the enveloping dark to no longer carry the flame, the torch that could once ignite entire valleys and mountains, snuffed out the moment I could sense you Pulling away one fragment at a time, first noting the distance, the hesitation in your voice. I can feel the tiny vibrations when your head rests on my chest and you speak, the gradual subtle changes lacing familiar chords, the welling tears in your eyes becoming lonely ripples in beautiful mysterious oceans, the fleeing warmth of your body beneath the blankets leaving me as a still glacier. And there are times I almost want a lie to consume me, to draw blood from each stone. But fiction is even more dangerous than learning how to let go, unwilling to place these coins over my eyes, if this is how we'll drift, pull your hands away from my face now. I'd rather just forget what inexplicable pull brings me to you and be left in the steadfast dark to no longer sway with the dancing flames, the torch that could once evaporate entire frozen lakes and rivers snuffed out the moment I could sense You're intoxicated with another bloom, one petal at a time, first noticing the shivering, the withdrawal from my touch. I can feel the pockets of heat closing off between us when we share a bed, the crushing subtle changes in the chords, the way close bodies can become lonely glaciers drifting in beautiful mysterious oceans slowly fleeing and finally letting go.