1. Honest Love

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Love Poems, Author: Sexyqueen69, Rating: 3, Source: LushStories

    You are there for me Through the good and the bad Your love is strong Always on time I keep you close to my heart Thinking of the day I let you in, opened my heart. Scared to death Not knowing who you were I came to love you day by day, Month by month, Year by year. Lover to lover Husband and wife Two hearts beat as one You know my name and use it well My heart stops for just a beat I know it's true for I am your one and only woman Jealous as I am I know your love lies within me Never to be taken away Our love is true and very strong. Your heart is so full of love Needing to share As you always come home to your one and only true love Holding me tight Never letting me go. Our love grows each and everyday And no one can take that away Our love is pure, true, and strong And will withstand through to the end of time