1. Remember

    Date: 9/30/2017, Categories: Love Poems, Author: JWren, Rating: 11, Source: LushStories

    We remember... Eyes scanning the room, party in full flow. Our glances fused sparks flew, boom! You blinked, I blinked, we played that curious game: look away, look back, a nervy smile of recognition. It’s all so long ago we even smoked. I lit your cigarette, you blew out the match, said “Save it for later.” That made me smile, though it was old and corny. I’ve been happy ever since laughing in your company. Oh, we’ve had our tears our tantrums and fights. But, above all that, we’ve stood together shouldering grief, sharing the sadness of life’s myriad blows. Through it all, the pain and joy births and deaths, we’ve remained side-by-side, hand-in-hand, loyal and loving. With all its ups and downs highs and lows, the cliches of life we’ve ridden. Shared with a loved one, no finer journey can be had. But, now that the past has become longer than our future, the race is all but run. Youth hands over the baton to age, leaving us with memories and love to take us happily towards the sunset. The sands of time wait for no-one, sifting through toes as we walk on soft beaches. Merciless seas wash away footprints as if we’ve never even trod there, leaving no trace of our existence. Yet we remember...