1. Our Special Place

    Date: 9/29/2017, Categories: Love Poems, Author: Chrissy123, Rating: 9, Source: LushStories

    There is a place where the clouds are fluffy And the grass is green. Where butterflies dance around the sky And the sun always sparkles off the water. There is a place where the air smells like cupcakes And fireflies light up the night sky. Where the birds always sing my favorite song And the pretty flowers sway in the breeze. There is a place where people always laugh And lovers lay arm in arm forever. Where the colors of the rainbow brighten my heart And diamonds glisten all around. There is a place where everyone is innocent And people are loved and cared for wholeheartedly. Where no one lies sick And everyone's cheeks are rosy and bright. There is a place where peace and love are everywhere And no one walks alone. Where "I love yous" are not just words And we think before we act. There is place where giggles fill the air And smiles radiate from ear to ear. Where tears are no more And the wind quickly blows them away. It sounds like a beautiful atmosphere And I will not stop looking for this place, Where we can lay our heads And find peace now and forever.