1. Didnt Even Make It To The Bed

    Date: 1/11/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: KaliDougan, Rating: 15, Source: LushStories

    bra and let it drop to the floor. Out of breath, burning, I shimmied my panties and skirt down to my ankles, catching my torn tights with it and slipped them off my feet, my shoes having been discarded somewhere in the hallway. As I stood there, naked, your eyes moved from my face and slowly slipped down over my body, inch by inch, sinfully, temptingly, erotically. You took in every last centimeter of my body, your gaze resting on my tightened, pink nipples and sliding gradually over my stomach, my narrow hips, to what lay between my legs. I thanked heavens that I had showered that morning. Before I could think anymore, your hands were pulling mine behind my back, spinning me around and bending me over the top two steps, as you pulled off your t-shirt and let your jeans fall to the floor, already unbuckled. I cried out as your mouth grazed my neck, your cock pressing against me, blocked by the thin material of your boxers, damp from pre-cum, too thin to stop me from feeling, yet still too thick. I shook as you growled into my ear, “Do you want this?” as you grinded your cock against my dripping lips. “Oh god…yes, please, yes,” I pleaded, my head spinning, my stomach twisting in desire, limbs quivering in need. You ground your hips against me, letting me feel your cock straining to be released, and your teeth grazed my sensitive skin, biting me, as you lifted my hips up, one arm around my waist. I ...
    realized you'd removed your boxers in the split second I was trying to get into a comfier position, and before I could think, I felt the tip of your cock find the wet entrance of my pussy, and you was inside me. Your cock pushing, gently, not out of choice but because I was too tight to let you thrust into me with wild abandon — at first, anyway. You slipped in, slowly, every inch filling me, how could there be more? But there was, my legs buckling and noises falling from my lips, until at last your were buried inside my pussy, filling me, my wet hole pulsing around you, not knowing what I needed, what I wanted, until you drew out and slammed in, evoking a cry from me as it almost hurt, but it felt too good for me to care, “Mmm god, don't stop,” I begged you when you paused at my cry. “It's been way too long,” and you took me at my word and fucked me. Your hard body pounding into me, hard and fast, desperate, sweaty and animalistic as my hips bucked and my back arched, our bodies playing the age-old dance and as you began to groan, short, sharp moans, I felt myself tense and my pussy tightened, your mouth on my neck as my body broke apart and I came. “Maddy, fuck, please,” as you slid deep, so deep that I could hardly see from pleasure, and your back tensed, a soft, human, involuntary, choked noise fell from my mouth as I felt you cum, inside me, my knees hitting the stairs and our hearts racing.