1. The Awakening Part III

    Date: 1/11/2017, Categories: Interracial, Author: SpinDoctor, Rating: 5, Source: LushStories

    never want it to end. He felt the tears slip out of his eyes as the confusion, humiliation and eroticism swept over him. He gasped loudly as he continued leaking into his trousers. Mandy heard Tom’s brief, strangled gasp. Withdrawing her mouth from Marcus’s wet, soft probing, she asked her husband what was wrong. “Nothing honey. I just have a little stomach pain, I’m fine, really. Are you OK back there?” “Sure. I hope you don’t mind that Marcus and I are getting to know each other a little. I am sorry you are stuck in the front, driving sweetheart. I am being a bit naughty back here. I hope you don’t mind too much?” “It’s fine Mandy. Just be certain you are sure in what you are doing, OK?” “Of course honey, but hurry and get us home please. I think Marcus and I want to take things up a level pretty soon.” “Man, your wife is one very sexy lady Tom. I hope you appreciate that. It’s very good of you to allow me to come home with you both tonight. Mandy has told me all about your fantasy and I intend to help you make it come true this evening. You OK with that Tom?” Tom was silent. What could he say? He was convinced that this was what he wanted. What Mandy wanted? What Marcus Wanted? He had let Marcus into the car. He was in the back seat with his wife. His crotch was soaking with the evidence of his acceptance of what was happening for fuck’s sake. Of course he was OK with it. “Sure Marcus. Just treat her like the lady she is.” As Marcus slid his hand up one of Mandy’s stocking covered legs and she stroked his massive erection through his suit trousers he replied, “Of course Tom. This lady is going to be treated very, very well.” Mandy pulled Marcus’s head towards her open mouth as she hungrily sought out the black man’s lips and tongue. “Feel how wet I am,” she whispered into his mouth. “Treat me how you fucking want,” she breathed into him, quietly enough that Tom couldn’t hear.