1. Lesley just needs some love.

    Date: 1/11/2017, Categories: Mature, Author: Les1111, Rating: 100, Source: xHamster

    4/5/6 she couldn't tell they were rollling into each other. Ron stood up and brought his hand down on her bare arse with a loud crack. That sent her into another orgasm &#034crack&#034 another one &#034 crack&#034 and again. Six times he slapped her arse, three on each cheek. She was still in the kneeling position, accepting anything Ron did to her. ' ok Lesley, did you enjoy that' .....she couldn't speak. She could hardly breathe. There was another puddle on the table but it was a mixture of sweat and cum. ' Lesley , you've been here over an hour now. Your not getting paid. Have you no work to do?' She still was struggling to breathe. &#034 no no I'm off all day&#034. &#034So what do you want to do? Stay here and get your arse rimmed. And your cunt fisted. Your arse smacked, Is that what you want Lesley. Because if you do your going to have Rons big cock in all your holes. It's gonna be in that sweaty smelly cunt, it's gonna be down your throat, and then it's going to be in your dirty hole and believe me it's going to hurt....but also, believe me when I tell you. At the end of your four week visits your going to be begging for more. You'll have come more times in four weeks than you will have in all your slut life. You will have more cum in your body than ever before. One thing though. I don't understand the word &#034no&#034. If I say do something you do it with out a blink. That's the rules Lesley. You will be my slut and I will fuck you every way I can and want. Is that understood?' Lesley looked him in the eye and held his gaze for a few seconds &#034I'm staying I want to be your slave&#034 &#034 Good little slut...now where to you want your first load of Rons spunk...you get your one and only choice&#034. &#034 In my smelly slut cunt sir. If that's alright with you&#034. &#034 That's perfect, now bent over that table and spread your slut legs. Let me at your cunt&#034 TO BE CONTINUED ' '