1. Embarrassed Wife

    Date: 1/11/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: flfufo, Rating: 67, Source: xHamster

    stay there without moving. When the timer goes off, you may take a shower, put ointment on your bottom… and trust me, it’s quite a sight… and join me in the bedroom.” She left the room, and I stood there. And I stood. And I continued standing. And I kept on standing. I slipped in and out of meditation, and sometimes it seemed, in and out of consciousness. Until, MUCH later, she came out of the bedroom, yawning, heading for the toilet. She said, startled, “WHAT are you still doing there? Trying to prove some point?” “I…I’m waiting for the timer to go off,” I said, very quietly. She picked up from the desk, my phone that she was using as a timer. “Oh. Well… someday, you’ll think this is funny. I meant to set it for one hour, but apparently I set it for one day. Um, well, so you’re time is up, go get into the shower.” I laughed, very weakly, and slowly walked away, and into the bathroom.