1. Dirty, Slutty and Flirty

    Date: 1/10/2017, Categories: Erotic Poems, Author: guiltee, Rating: 3, Source: LushStories

    The way you blush and act so silly, And get so needy in your frilly. Walkin round like a fembot slave, A sloppy blow job you just gave. Easily aroused by just a kissy, Cum for your audience little missy! Bring on the nasty flood, Dirty Lil girlie, needs it good. Dirty, slutty and flirty, Gonna come till she's thirty. Slut it up on the beds and seats, Drip, drip, drip hits the sheets. Throbbing clit all shiny and pink, Bet it makes my finger stink. Bend you over legs wide spread, Fuck you hard on the bed. In your cunt and in your ass, First it's slow and then it's fast. Now it's in your mouth once more, Just like an ass to mouth whore. Sprayed my load upon your face, A warm sticky pearl necklace. Clean my cock with your tongue, Lick it slow, good and long. Now off you go back to your hubby, Til next time you slutty subby.