1. Hymn to an Angel

    Date: 1/2/2017, Categories: Love Poems, Author: pusshikisu, Rating: 12, Source: LushStories

    To my angel, who is always there for me. At the morning of the world we were one, Secure in our love, no dark, only light Shining around us, lives warmed by the sun In whose radiant beams our hearts burned bright. Oh my sweet love, How could we know, That darkness soon would blight our day. On the far horizon, so far away, Unseen a cloud was growing, a dark stain Which soon would grow, and turn the light of day Into hateful night, filled with deepest pain. And my sweet love, Hers was no crime, 'Twas demons fell my joy did slay. Clawing at my mind, sowing seeds of fear In the deepest recesses of my soul, Insidious words dripping in my ear Like poison, doubt and misery their goal. But my sweet love Held out her hand, And helped me up from where I lay. I would have fallen, helpless in their claws, Victim of their dark lies, without a fight, Had not an angel, taken up my cause, And by her love alone, put them to flight. For my sweet love Is all my joy, And in her arms I'll ever stay.