1. Only Friends

    Date: 12/29/2016, Categories: Love Poems, Author: sillyjenny, Rating: 12, Source: LushStories

    I felt so safe and secure When I was with you. I poured all my pain to you And you listened in earnest You held me in your arms And told me its okay That I had you, you were there to stay My heart burst with my love And my worries were forgotten At least for the time being. But the hours spent with you, Were magical, to say the least I thought we had something Especially when you held my hand Did you not feel it too? Or was it all in my head? Then there was that night When we went star gazing, Sitting under the night sky. Don't tell me that was nothing I thought for sure you were going to Confess I waited patiently and prayed I wouldn't cry But when it was time to leave, You sent me home With only, a "See you later" I waited, still Until I heard, you had someone else My heart broke into tiny pieces As I cried myself to sleep "Goodbye friend, Its time I let you go," I said You refused to say goodbye, Said, you needed me in your life If you did, Why didn't you keep me? I loved - no I love you, Don't tell me, you didn't know The lights in your eyes died As you watched me walk away Goodbye friend, I am not strong enough to stay, But I will always love you