1. Unknowable

    Date: 12/29/2016, Categories: Love Poems, Author: elliotlacey31, Rating: 8, Source: LushStories

    Saying you are mine could undo what we share, following such dangerous threads would only consume me and question each unknowable flicker in your eyes, wondering if someone else has burrowed within beyond sight. If the slightest brush of skin triggers a rush of memory you never meant to summon, I may be better than off not knowing and should just lose myself with you When saying you are mine could infect what we share, this incurable pathogen would dim and slaughter each cell in time. It would make me wonder about any instance you stare off, an unknowable lens lost in universes I couldn't reach the orbit of, wondering if the pure bliss radiating from your body when I'm inside you is for me or the echo of someone else overtaking you. I know following and pulling at such fragile threads is a mistake that can unravel us, that I should never truly believe you are mine in any other way beyond us Exploring where we know how to flood sparks through the other. But I question certain flickers you reveal, when our feverish bodies are locked together, pockets of air between any space in our bare skin like fiery fissures. Your eyes burrow into mine with a primal possessiveness, saying the entire territory my being occupies is yours and yours alone to roam. I may be better off not knowing, and should just let what we share evaporate like fumes rising to the skies, gone as if their very existence at one time was just a story the ferocity of our hands and lips will have to learn to write all over again. It would make me wonder if we ever belong to anyone, or let the fragile threads overtake us, remaining closely tied and unknowable.