1. Out Of The Shadows

    Date: 12/26/2016, Categories: Love Poems, Author: CharlesDickin, Rating: 8, Source: LushStories

    In the shadows For 16 months A secret we kept, Even from friends In this other world Who was to know That your comment On my story Would see us Move so quickly To create our own The conversation Was so natural The curiosity, Subtle at first, Words unspoken Building anticipation, Filling the space Between our words And so began Our gentle dance Of mutual seduction Holding you close A gentle touch, Words to caress, Lifting your hair For a tender whisper, In what might be A very special night Wanting your first time, Our first time, To be so special Were you sure? Your words said yes Two hearts beating More quickly then Your heart pounding As you put on Stockings and a dress For you, For me, For us Were you sure? A chance to stop The right thing For a special friend Who may have been Just curious And so began A beautiful story, Our story, Of friends, Of lovers, Of confidants So as I stand now Out of the shadows I'm so thankful That you Have entered my life And touched the essence Of who I am And who I will become While we will never share A real kiss Or even hold a hand I proudly offer you This poem On Valentine's Day